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February 2017


While traveling thru BC last year I noticed that Scents are an issue in some stores so your committee wanted to bring some clarity to this issue.

When it comes to scents in the workplace there is no legislation around it. The only time it becomes a safety issue or an OHGS issue is when a worker has an adverse reaction to the scent. This then needs to be diagnosed by a physician to be considered a medical issue.

SO where does this leave us and the OHS committees. 

These committees can educate the members on the reasons why we should not be wearing scents in the workplace.

A gentle bulletin reminding the workers to not wear extra scents in the workplace is about all that can be done. So this is what we have done.

Here are 5 things you can do to support your co-workers who have this problem.

  1. Be aware of the scents you are wearing
  2. When working with certain co-workers who have scent sensitivity be respectful as this can have a lot of adverse effects on the member with the sensitivity.
  3. Remember not to judge or make the sensitivity into a joking matter.
  4. Educate yourself.
  5. Treat each other as you want to be treated. Work as a team.

In the end the scent policy is an employer policy that they would have to enforce if implemented, through labour relations.

This tip is from you OHS Component Store Committee. If you have any questions our contact information is on the website.