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Safety Concerns and Joint Labour Management Report - Grand Villa - BCGEU

How To Deal with Safety Concerns

Every worker has a responsibility to report a safety hazard if they see one. A hazard is a thing or condition that may expose a person to injury or occupational disease.

DO report the hazard immediately to your manager. The Employer has a responsibility to eliminate the hazard or take every reasonable measure to minimize it. DO NOT wait for Safety Committee meetings to report hazards. If the hazard is not removed report it to a member of the Health and Safety Committee. The Safety Committee members are listed on the Safety Bulletin board. If you want to know if something is being discussed at the meeting, you can find the Safety Committee minutes on the same board.
Recently, three Managers and two worker Reps on the Safety Committee attended Violence Prevention Training offered by the BCGEU. We are so pleased to see management and workers learning side-by-side how to make your workplace safer. 

Breakroom Poster Competition

Sharpen your pencil crayons! Right now there is a poster competition for best ideas to keep your breakroom clean. Details can be found in the breakrooms. Your Joint Labour Management Committee (JLMC) members have been advocating for both smoking pit and breakroom improvements on your behalf. 

Uniform Sizes

If your uniform does not fit you properly, you can exchange it.

Dual Roles: Workers that also work as Managers

A very small number of workers also work as non-union Relief Managers. The Union raised concerns about the blurring of roles. The Employer has confirmed that they will make sure these roles are fully separated. For example, if someone is working on a scheduled bartender shift they are not to carry out any manager duties or attend manager meetings. If this is happening it should be reported.

In solidarity

Fateh Born
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.