Salvation Army Stevenson House nominations of bargaining committee

In preparation for negotiations, a new bargaining committee must be elected to participate in the bargaining process. 

Nominations are now open for one Chairperson on the Bargaining Committee. If more than one candidate is nominated, there will be an election. 

Each candidate who is nominated, may complete and send back with their nomination form a biography of 250 words or less, which the Union will distribute to the membership in the case of an election. Please note that the biography must accompany the nomination form, and the nomination forms must be signed. Please read and follow the instructions on the nomination form carefully. 

In order to be nominated, a member and nominator must complete the nomination form, and that form must be returned by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, April 4, 2016. 

Please send your completed nominations forms

  • Via Mail: 130-2920 Virtual Way, Vancouver, BC V5M 0C4 Attn: Shirley Shiagetz 


  • Via Facsimile: 604-215-1410 Attn: Shirley Shiagetz

Download PDF of notice here.

Download PDF of nomination form here.