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Salvation Army Harbour Light - Update on bargaining BCGEU - BCGEU

Your bargaining committee met between April 26 and 28 to undergo bargaining training and develop proposals for the upcoming round of bargaining. The committee also elected as bargaining chair Monty Qureshi. Congratulations Monty!

The surveys you filled out will inform our priorities for bargaining. Thank you to everyone who filled out a survey. Please keep talking to your bargaining committee to ensure that your priorities are heard going into bargaining.

One issue that came up in the survey are paid breaks. Your bargaining committee heard that this is an issue for many people, either because you stay on-call or work through your breaks. In your current collective agreement, section 14.6 (b) is clear that if you must be available or are required to be on site during your break, you should be paid for your break. If you have too much work and feel like you need to work through your break, please let your managers know so they can prioritize your work so you can take a break or authorize you to work through your break with pay.

We will be meeting your Employer to open bargaining June 1-4.


In solidarity,

Monty Qureshi, Bargaining Committee Chair
Saren Voisey, Bargaining Committee Member
Ken Mui Chung Yu, Bargaining Committee Member
Sheila Matthen, Staff Representative, Negotiations

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