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Seniors Advocate releases report on Resident to Resident Aggression

On June 29, the Office of the Seniors Advocate published its report, Resident to Resident Aggression in Residential Care in B.C. As the first systemic review of incidents of this kind, the report took a preliminary look at the number and nature of the incidents, as well as some of the factors that might be leading to them.

Among other highlights, the report concludes that there may be a link between the number of care hours per resident, the complexity of resident care needs, and the frequency of violence. In residences where the care needs of clients are more complex, care hours are slightly less. The report recommends implementation of the April 2016 Ministry of Health review of care hours, and that residential staff and management receive more education for reporting and address the incidents.

"The report is a catalyst for more work that needs to be done," said BCGEU Health Services Vice President Sherry Ogasawara. "It also highlights the need for better reporting between care homes falling under the Hospitals Act versus those under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act. We agree with the recommendations and wholeheartedly support further investigation and subsequent interventions in this area."

Seniors Advocate report

Seniors Advocate presentation