Seniors’ care and services in B.C. still require critical improvements - BCGEU

Seven years after the Office of the Ombudsperson released its report The Best of Care: Getting it Right for Seniors in British Columbia (Part 2) with 176 recommendations to improve seniors care and services in B.C., only half have been implemented. Today the Ombudsperson released an investigative update on the report here.

Actions to date include smaller, incremental improvements to the sector. However, critically important recommendations like enforcing standards of care in residential care or evaluating the quality of care in home support services have not yet been implemented.

A recommendation to ensure sufficient staff to meet seniors' care needs in residential care is also outstanding. Component 8 members have faced tremendous challenges when it comes to coping with staff shortages and our union has long advocated for a minimum standard of 3.36 daily direct care hours to each individual. However, after years of neglect by the previous government, in 2018 the B.C. NDP announced an investment of $240 million over three years to increase the direct care seniors receive to 3.36 hours per-resident day, on average, in each health authority by 2021.

Therefore, we expect to see this important recommendation fulfilled in the next few years and will be watching its implementation closely.

For more, see the infographic or the full report and update available on the Ombudsperson's website www.bcombudsperson.ca