Servomation Tentative Agreement - BCGEU

We are pleased to announce a tentative agreement for Servomation has been reached with the Employer.

Highlights of this tentative agreement include:

1) 3 year contract;

· 1.5% increase effective February 1, 2018 – retro pay

· 3% increase effective February 1, 2019 – retro pay to present

· 4% increase effective February 1, 2020

2) 1% increase in vacation entitlement for 15 years of employment, 2% increase for 20 years of employment

3) Boot allowance for stock workers increased from 6 members to 10 members

4) Increase from 2 sick days to 3

5) Job shadowing training for a minimum of 2 events

6) Lunches will still be provided

7) Changes to LOU3 – Gratuities

8) No show changed to better language


Information regarding the ratification vote and the changes to the language in the collective agreement will be sent out in the near future.


In solidarity,


Pam Black, Bargaining Committee Member
Isaac Ho, Bargaining Committee Member
Cheri Trewin, Bargaining Committee Member
Ian Christie, Bargaining Committee Member
James Jardine, Bargaining Committee Member
Hilary Andow, BCGEU Staff Representative




Download FYI Tentative Agrmt Aug 2019.pdf