Hard Rock Casino Shift Pick Meetings With The Employer - BCGEU

Last week the stewards that are acting as shift pick witnesses (Mark C., Katherine W. and Liza M.) along with myself and Mark Fletcher, met with the Employer to make one final attempt to persuade them to include start times in the shift pick process and bid lines. 

We spent an hour discussing the following:
-this is very important to a large number of members and not doing so is going to impact morale;
-the language supports the inclusion of start times;
-Employer would still maintain right to build bid lines to meet operational need; and,
-two different possible ways of including start times (defined start times in bid lines or inclusion of start time preferences in Preference Request Form)
The Union did not agree to proceed without addressing the start time's concern. The Employer decided to proceed without start times included and they do not require the Union's agreement to do so.
However, it is important note that the Employer agreed to consider worker responses to the new schedule once it is posted. They also agreed to conduct 'sound checks' which we understand are small group meetings between workers and management to invite your feedback. They also stated that they are open to changing the process and doing another pick soon if it is clear that the first pick has not been successful.
It is important that workers continue to give feedback directly to Managers about how the shift pick process needs to be improved.
In solidarity,

Fateh Born
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here