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Short Term Illness and Injury Plan Claims

In 2011 the BCGEU settled a policy grievance concerning the denial of STIIP claims.  The settlement resolved two issues that were problematic for members.

The first concerned complaints from members that supervisors were repeatedly demanding STO2 forms.  The settlement reconfirmed the employer’s obligations outlined in the  “Instructions for STO2 Doctor’s Certificate”. The link below will take you to the instructions. 

These instructions include the prohibition on the employer asking for multiple STO2’s unless 30 days have elapsed since the employee provided satisfactory evidence for an absence.  If you have concerns about the employer’s conduct concerning STO2 forms you should consult these instructions as a first step. 

Secondly, we had complaints that members' STIIP claims were being rejected with little or no information as to why the claim was not approved.  The resolution of this grievance now compels the employer to explain why the STIIP application was unacceptable and rejected. This would allow the member to provide the proper information. 

In the event that no reasons are given for the rejection of an STO2 form you should request the reasons for the objection and refer to the March 8, 2011 settlement of the STIIP policy grievance, outlined below:

This agreement resolves the BCGEU policy grievance filed on March 24, 2010 concerning the denial of STIIP claims.

The BCGEU and the Government of the Province of British Columbia agree to resolve the grievance on the following terms:

The parties agree the attached “Instructions for STO2 Doctor’s Certificate” accurately reflect the responsibilities of the employer, employees, and physicians concerning STIIP claims.
In the event that the employer does not accept the STO2 application for STIIP the employer will advise the employee why the application is unacceptable.

Click here for ST02 instruction sheet.

Dean Purdy – BCGEU Vice President, Chair Component 1