Singing our praises loudly and proudly - Administrative Services Component

We’re not invisible. We’re the people in the background and foreground, in the private and public sector. For the most part, we don’t wear uniforms. We’re not always easy to identify. Yet, administrative service professionals are the backbone of every organization.

The BCGEU’s Administrative Services Component is roughly 10,000 members strong. We’re as diverse as the duties we perform. We work for private employers with government contracts, such as HP, Maximus and TSSI. We work for public sector authorities, such as Land Titles and Survey Authority, Business Practices and Consumer Services Authority, and Emergency Health Services. As well, you’ll find us in practically every government office around B.C.  

Without us, the services and products British Columbians rely upon couldn’t be delivered effectively and efficiently.

Doing what we do isn’t easy. We’ve been hit by budget cuts and downsizing. We’ve had to learn to do more with less. We’re stretched to the limit a lot of the time. Still, we deliver value day in and day out. We’re professional and reliable.

Each April, we acknowledge the essential role of administrative service workers across B.C. during Administrative Professionals Week (April 24 – 30), and Administrative Services Recognition Day (April 27). 

We’ll be visiting as many worksites as we can during the week. We encourage you to find a way to celebrate and have fun. Hold a potluck lunch, or talk to your local chairperson about pre-approval to have a pizza, a special cake or other treats delivered.

Please email your event photos to Let us know the name of the worksite and your location.

Every day, we fulfill our professional roles and responsibilities as service providers to British Columbians and their communities. Administrative Services Recognition Week is OUR week. Be proud of what we accomplish.