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Single Site Order for Long Term Care, Assisted Living, and Provincial Mental Health Facilities - BCGEU

We are writing with important information about the Provincial Health Officer's Single Site Order for health care worksites, which should be fully implemented in the next two weeks.
The Order applies to: Long Term Care, Assisted Living, and Provincial Mental Health Facilities. If you work at more than one of these types of facilities, you will be restricted to working at only one of your worksites. That is, the order will prevent you from working at more than one Long Term Care, Assisted Living or Provincial Mental Health Facility.
The Order does not apply to: worksites other than the ones listed. If you work at a worksite that is not Long Term Care, Assisted Living, or a Provincial Mental Health Facility, your employer should not be restricting where you work, and you have no obligation to disclose your other work sites to your employer.
The Order also does not apply to the following classifications: dieticians, medical laboratory technologists, medical laboratory assistants, nurse practitioners, paramedics, pharmacists, physicians, resident physicians, speech language pathologists, inter-facility transport staff, delivery persons, trades people, regular and biochemical waste removal people, and biomedical engineers.
The Health Authorities are currently creating lists of single site assignments for employees affected by the single site orders. For BCGEU members, we have a short window of opportunity to review these lists before they become finalized. We will be attempting to address any issues that affect our members before the lists are finalized. There will also be opportunities to address issues after the lists are in place.
Many of you will be assigned to remain at BCGEU sites. Some of you will likely be assigned to work exclusively at sites represented by other unions, while still others of you will be assigned to non-union sites.
If you are being assigned to a non-union site, we want to make sure we can keep in touch with you, so we can represent you in any disputes that arise from the single site order. Please update your contact information using the following link:
We are aware that this situation can be stressful and confusing and we will continue to work diligently on helping you through it.