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Single Site Scheduling Strive Living Society (CSS) Sites - BCGEU

Single Site Scheduling Strive Living Society (CSS) Sites
We are writing with important information about scheduling for employees affected by the Provincial Health Officer's Single Site Order.
This e-mail applies to you if you work at any of the following worksites: Freedom Place, Hollypark Lodge, or Liberty Place. The Single Site Order restricts workers to working at only one Assisted Living, Long Term Care or Provinicial Mental Health Facility. If you don't work at one of these sites, please disregard this email.
Employers subject to the Single Site Order are required to follow certain steps when creating a schedule, as set out below. If your employer is not following these steps, please email [email protected] and let us know.
Combined FTE
Employees with regular status who worked at multiple sites, before being limited to a single site under the Single Site Order, must be scheduled to work their total combined regular hours at the single site, up to a maximum of 1.3 FTE.
Schedule Determination
Once the Single Site Order is in place, the employer at your single site is required to create an initial, emergency schedule, using your combined seniority from all of your previous unionized sites, and using the following steps:
    a.       In order to determine an initial, emergency schedule, the employer will:
              i.            Maintain the current schedule for all employees who remain at
              the worksite and have scheduled hours;
             ii.            Identify all shift gaps in the current schedule by job classification;
             iii.            Offer identified shift gaps to employees as follows:
             Round 1: by seniority, regular employees who previously worked at multiple
             worksites and who are limited to working at a single worksite can select
             from shift gaps up to their combined FTE at straight time;
             Round 2: by seniority, other regular and casual employees can select any
             remaining regular shifts at straight time.
     b.       Following completion of the emergency scheduling process, the employer
     will offer any unfilled shifts to employees in accordance with the collective
     c.       During the first 90 days, the employer will work with the union to develop
     a more robust process to determine a new schedule for all regular employees for
     the duration of the Single Site Order.
If this process is not being followed, or you have questions or concerns, please email [email protected].