Social Work Week 2018 - BCGEU

March 11th – 17th is Social Work Week in B.C.

This week the vital role of social workers is in focus as we celebrate Social Work Week in B.C. Social workers in the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) assist more than 150 000 children, youth and families each year.

"In addition to their important and demanding work, social workers have been tireless advocates for system-wide improvements in recent years," said Judy Fox-McGuire, BCGEU vice president for social, information and health (Component 6). "While the new government has made a significant and promising reinvestment in child welfare, those working in frontline positions still face significant challenges with staffing retention, caseload burdens, and workplace safety."

"The BCGEU understands that the ministry is continuing to hire new workers and expand total staff. We're watching closely to make sure they get the leadership and support they need from management, and that the successful retention of this new staff leads to improvements for all dedicated workers on the frontlines."

"Social work plays a crucial role in our society, not only for individuals, but often entire families and communities," said BCGEU President Stephanie Smith. "As we reflect on the hard work and commitment of our social workers this week, the BCGEU will continue on in its efforts to ensure their needs are met in the workplace."

"This is about providing adequate resources for those who are on the frontlines protecting individuals and families and allowing our most vulnerable citizens access the services they need," said Fox-McGuire. "We will continue to seek feedback from our members as the new resources come in."

The BCGEU is the lead union in B.C. representing social workers, including in regional health authorities, the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, across the Community Social Services sector, and in MCFD.