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St. James Daycare Society - Bargaining Committee Results and Next Steps - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

To: All BCGEU Members at St. James Daycare Society
Re: Bargaining Committee Results and Next Steps


Please join me in congratulating Nafeesa Ali who was elected by acclamation as your new bargaining committee representative! Thank you for stepping up to represent your colleagues in negotiating a renewal of the collective agreement.

The bargaining committee will be meeting soon to begin preparing for the upcoming collective agreement renewal. The bargaining committee will be developing a bargaining survey as it is important that we hear from you on what you want the bargaining priorities to be for this round of bargaining. We will also be planning membership meetings to meet with you in person to discuss the bargaining process and to learn more about your priorities.

We will keep you updated throughout the bargaining process. Bulletins will be sent by email to those members who have registered their emails with the union and will be posted at your worksite and on the union's website.

To ensure you receive copies of all bargaining updates in a timely manner, we recommend that you update your existing contact information by going to the BCGEU website at or by notifying your bargaining committee.


Just a reminder, the current collective agreement remains in place until a new agreement is reached.


In solidarity

Romeena Sidhu, Staff Representative
Sarah Fawns, Staff Representative