Gateway – Starlight Casino strike vote results - BCGEU

New Westminster - The workers of Starlight Casino have spoken – 79% voted in favour of a strike. This is a very strong message to the employer that members are willing to fight for the fair wages, benefits and respect they deserve.

The next steps are to prepare for a strong, well-organized strike. The first step in this process is this coming week - we will be holding picket captain training, and picket captain volunteers can expect to be contacted about coming in.

The Starlight Bargaining Committee is meeting to consider next steps, and we will be updating members on a regular basis. However, we still do not have emails for all members. If you know of anyone who is not getting emails from the BCGEU, encourage them to go to www.my.bcgeu.ca and click on "Not sure if you are registered?" Communication is very important at this time, and we don't want anyone to miss out on information.

In solidarity,

Your BCGEU Gateway Starlight Bargaining Committee
Wei Chen, Jason Jones, Shirley McMillan, Michael Vyner
Kim Howse, Staff Representative