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Statement re: Govt’s elimination of barriers for first responders to access compensation for mental trauma - BCGEU

"I applaud the proposed amendments to the Workers Compensation Act announced by Minister [Harry] Bains, building on the work begun by Minister [Shane] Simpson and supported by Minister [Judy] Darcy. Making mental health, including PTSD, a presumptive condition is a long overdue show of common sense and compassion for first responders. 


"This change is an important step but there is more work to be done to protect the men and women that protect our province. So today, while we recognize and appreciate progress, it's critical that we also stay focused on the road ahead. 


"It's also important to stay focused on how this change happened. Make no mistake, we are here today because of the efforts of activists. Activists like Robert [Gagnon] and everyone else who raised their voice, told their story, and kept the pressure on in their own way. Activists make a difference. I'm lucky to be surrounded and inspired by them every day."


--BCGEU president Stephanie Smith