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October is Ergonomics Month. The Workers Compensation Board is recognizing Ergonomics month with their release of printed materials specifically targeted for early childhood educators, see links below. It has long been recognized that this occupational sector suffers from high levels of musculoskeletal injury due to repetitive lifting, awkward positions for long durations, noise levels and workplace stress but there are very low levels of reporting. Increasing your knowledge and awareness of risk factors that may cause you musculoskeletal injury can greatly improve health outcomes.

For early childhood educators, the BCGEU has developed a 2-hour course on ergonomics that focuses on worker rights, employer responsibilities, recognizing risk factors and the importance of early intervention. Contact the OHS department at if you would like to organize this informative session for your worksite.

The BCGEU also offers an 8-hour Ergonomics course that any OHS committee representative is entitled to take for their annual employer paid education. We recently revised this course for components under the Labour Code. The curriculum has little emphasis on office settings and more emphasis on identifying risk factors and your legal right to request an ergonomic assessment of your work processes. Employers that provide ergonomically safe workplaces are rewarded with more productive workers, less absenteeism and happier healthier employees.

To view upcoming courses in your area, go to or call 1-800-663-1674 (toll free) or 604-291-9611

Reducing the Risk of Injuries in Child Care Centres 

Information sheets are available on the following topics: 

Information sheets will be available soon for: 

  • Indoor Activities 
  • Outdoor Activities 
  • Storage

If you have any questions, contact or call 604-291-9611.


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