Strike Action To Begin in Maple Ridge Area Friday, August 11th - BCGEU

72 hour strike notice was served on your Employer this morning at 9:02 am. To begin the strike, we will use a rotating strike strategy beginning with Maple Ridge on Friday Aug 11th at 9:02 am until Thursday Aug 17th at which point the Maple Ridge will return to full services on Aug 18th and a new area will be rotated into the strike that day.

If you work in another area it will be business as usual for you until such time as the rotating strike moves to your area. Please be aware this is the beginning strike strategy , there will be more strike actions as time moves on.

For those working in the Maple Ridge area you will be contacted by a picket captain who will inform you what day you're scheduled to work and then the Employer will contact you directly advising which clients you will be scheduled to see.

If you are not scheduled to work you will be required to be available for picket duty. You must perform assigned picketing duties in order to be eligible to receive strike pay. Your picket captain will advise you where to attend for picket duty.

 Should you have any questions please contact Rajveen Shergill at the Fraser Valley Area Office (604) 882-0111.

To stay up-to-date on everything you need to know about during the strike, log into the member's only website at  Login credentials have been sent via email to members for whom we have a valid email address in our records. If you have not yet logged in to the member's only website, and don't know your credentials, please phone your area office for immediate assistance.

We have also issued a media release on the strike notice which can be viewed here: 


In solidarity

Your Bargaining Committee

Ellen Bellamy

Kelli Glover

Deborah Lee

Michele Reade

Rajveen Shergill, Fraser Valley Area Office, Strike Coordinator

Gary Bennett, Staff Representative – Negotiations

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