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Strike Pay for Members with Dependants or Irregular Hours - BCGEU


As previously announced in a bulletin and at the strike vote meeting, the BCGEU Provincial Executive has authorized target pay for a potential strike at BCFMA. This means a higher rate of strike pay and is the highest strike pay presently provided to BCGEU members. While regular base strike pay is $375 per week, target strike pay for this dispute has been set at a maximum of $100 per day or $500 per week or 70% of regular gross earnings, whichever is less.

Dependent Pay

For those receiving less than $100 per day, dependent pay of $15 per day per dependent will be provided up to the $100 maximum. For purposes of this policy, a dependent is someone who meets the Canada Revenue Agency's definition of "dependent" and is claimed by you as a dependent on your income tax return.

Members who intend to claim dependent pay are encouraged to advise the BCGEU of this ASAP by emailing [email protected] with "BCFMA dependent pay" in the subject line and providing the following information:

  • Member's name
  • Member's worksite
  • Dependent's name
  • Description of member's relationship to dependent
  • Confirmation that the person the member is claiming as a dependent for strike pay purposes is also claimed as a dependent for income tax purposes

Irregular Hours

For members without regular fixed weekly hours of work, earnings are calculated as the average of three consecutive pay stubs for hours worked prior to the strike. These members should start saving their paystubs and as soon as job action occurs, should forward their three most recent stubs to [email protected] with "BCFMA pay stubs" in the subject line.

In solidarity,

Steve Kitcher, Bargaining Committee Chair
Ryan Stewart, Staff Representative, Negotiations
On behalf of BCGEU Strike Coordinating Committee for BCFMA

Download PDF of notice here.