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Survey on regulating health care workers

To members of Component 4 and Component 8,

The BCGEU has learned recently the three bodies that regulate nurses in B.C. are going to merge into one. We are concerned that this large organization will eventually regulate other health care workers, such as care aides and community health workers, without hearing their voices. Your union would like to be involved in developing this regulating body, and you can help. By clicking on the link below and filling out the survey, you can send a message that our health worker members need to be a part of developing this organization.

Once you have started the survey, there are two questions where we can get our point across.

  •        When the survey asks for input on the level of support for the decision to create one regulator (the fourth set of questions), there is a box for a more detailed answer. Please emphasize that any health worker that might eventually be regulated by this body should be part of the consultation process.
  •        When the question is asked about other risks and challenges (the eighth set of questions), we would like you to express your concern that other health care workers are not being considered in this process.

Click here to begin the survey

The deadline to fill out the survey is September 30. Thanks in advance for helping us get the message across!

In solidarity

Carla Dempsey

Vice President, Community Health Services

Sherry Ogasawara

Vice President, Health Services