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Tackling Pandemic Pay For BCGEU’s Administrative Services Component Members - BCGEU

Like you, your union is extremely disappointed with the provincial government excluding some work sectors from the premium pay offering. From the beginning, we've advocated for this program to be extended to all essential workers in recognition of the extraordinary stress, additional costs, and the higher risks to mental and physical health they're presently facing. 
The government consulted us for input prior to the premium pay announcement, but we weren't part of the decision-making on who would be included and excluded. We told the government, unequivocally, that recognizing some groups of workers while leaving others out would hurt morale and create unnecessary divisions. Sadly, we're now seeing the evidence of this despite raising the alarm.
We're pleased that some of our members were included in the offering. Our behind-the-scenes work, aimed at seeing the program expanded, is continuing. Regardless of which group you fall into, you can help make the case to the government that more workers ought to qualify for premium pay.
We urge you to visit the microsite we've created to send a strong message to MPs and MLAs, on your own behalf or for someone you know who has been affected.
You'll find the link here to email your MLA.
Administrative services professionals are the backbone of every workplace. You've been vital in keeping the province running uninterrupted and the critical, essential services you provide available during this pandemic.
We will continue to support you with our efforts.
Maria Middlemiss, BCGEU VP administrative services