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Temporary Pandemic Pay - BCGEU

Your union is aware of the ongoing delay of the Provincial Government's Temporary Pandemic Pay (TPP) at certain worksites. We are pursuing this matter and will be following up with the newly appointed Finance Minister without delay.
In addition to emails and feedback we have received from you, we have also reached out to your local chairs and your area office representatives for confirmation of those worksites that have yet to receive the TPP. Throughout this process we have pressed the provincial government to ensure the timely payment of the TPP, but many, in fact most of you still have not received those payments. While we acknowledge that implementing these payments in a sector with hundreds of different employers is complex, the length of this wait is simply unacceptable. 
We know our members are relying on this money to pay the bills and support their families. This is why we will be following up immediately with the new Finance Minister in order to implore government to make the distribution of funds to your employers, and ultimately to you, a top priority. The holiday season is fast approaching, and yet another delay is not acceptable.