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Tentative Agreement for Component 12 - BCGEU

Your Component Bargaining Committee is pleased to report that a tentative agreement has been reached regarding the 18th Component Agreement for the Administrative Services Component. Highlights of the tentative agreement include:

Article 4.10 – the ability of members to schedule lieu days within 60 days following a paid holiday (previously, lieu days had to be scheduled within 30 days);

Article 4.11 – more flexibility for members to schedule work to make up any shortfall arising from designated paid holidays falling within a modified workweek schedule;

Article 7.5 – improved language allowing members to attend conferences and seminars;

Article 11.6 – progressive increases to the safety footwear allowance ($143.77 biennially in 2019; $146.64 biennially in 2020; $149.58 biennially in 2021);

Article 12.2 – improved language for dealing with workload issues;

Appendix 2 – progressive increases to the annual allowance for court clerks who are required to wear a uniform ($180.25 in 2019; $183.75 in 2020; $187.55 in 2021);

Memorandum of Understanding 1 – improved language and commitment to activate the Joint Committee to deal with issues related to scheduling of lieu days, modified workweeks, vacation scheduling, workload and training and career development;

Renewal and inclusion of the Letter of Understanding Re R9 Auxiliary Recall and Extension for BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development, Kamloops Fire Centre and the Provincial Wildfire Coordinator Centre;

Renewal and inclusion of the Memorandum of Understanding Re HealthLinkBC 811 Contact Centre Operation Master Rotation Line Assignments for Full and Part-time Employees.

Your bargaining committee is recommending ratification of this tentative agreement.

You can download and review the ratification document by clicking here.


In solidarity


Maria Middlemiss, Vice President, Administrative Services Component
Matt Damario, 1st Vice Chair, Administrative Services Component
Bob Kary, Committee Member
Russell Katzer, Committee Member
Sandra Bojechko, Bargaining Committee
Sheila Puga, BCGEU Director/Negotiator
Emet Davis, BCGEU Director