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Tentative agreement for Component 6 - BCGEU

The union told the employer that members are overworked, under- resourced and under pressure. Our members need support, a commitment of better communication and respect in the workplace. The union expressed concern about the number of members leaving the public service, and the overall decline in employee satisfaction indicators. Members want opportunities to develop themselves, and this in turn, supports both retention of staff and succession planning.

Employer proposals ranged from distinguishing training provisions from the component and public service agreements to the expansion of primetime vacation and vacation scheduling.

The union presented member concerns regarding workload, unfilled vacancies, and retention.

The union rejected the expansion of primetime vacation. At the component table, the union achieved an agreement on acting opportunities. At the main table the union achieved agreements on itinerant office staffing, departure survey, and workload measurement tool. These items will be expanded in the main table ratification bulletin.

The Component 6 Bargaining Committee is recommending ratification of the tentative 18th Social, Information and Health Component Agreement.

You can download and review the ratification document by clicking here.


In solidarity

Judy Fox-McGuire, Vice President, Social, Information and Health Component
Cynthia Egli, Committee Member
Darryl Flasch, Committee Member
Andrea Mitchell, Committee Member
Shirley Kay, Committee Member
Lisa McDonald, Committee Member
Megan Ashbury, Coordinator, Advocacy