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The Salvation Army Harbour Light - Update on Bargaining - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

Your union's ability to move ahead with Essential Services as planned earlier this month (see the bulletin of 2 Dec 2021) was delayed by the resignation of your staff representative and a staffing shortage in the Negotiations Department. We're well on our way to sorting that out but in the meantime there has been a delay of a couple of weeks from our expectation to get to essential services.
Your union met with your employer earlier this week to start the process to negotiate essential services. The first step is for you Employer to submit an Essential Services plan to the union. That work has begun and the union is waiting for the Employer's plan.
In the meantime, the Union will be reaching out to those of you who have offered to be a resource to the essential services negotiations.
Your initial strike vote remains valid and has been preserved until 72 hours after the essential service levels have been established.
The Strike Coordinating Committee will also be meeting in the near future to plan job action. Some of that planning relies on the result of essential services negotiations and some of it does not. We're proceeding so that when essential services are complete, we are ready to take job action immediately thereafter.
In solidarity,
Brent Camilleri, Staff Representative, Negotiations

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