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Themis Program Management & Consulting Ltd -bargaining update and bargaining committee nominations OPEN - BCGEU

The BCGEU has received a letter from Chris Beresford verifying that the Provincial Government agrees to be involved in bargaining a renewal collective agreement. Your employer will also be involved. 

Although no promises have been made as we are no longer delaying bargaining but rather moving ahead to engage in bargaining, your union has advised the government that we don't expect this agreement to be the full term of 3 years negotiated elsewhere in the public sector. Beyond that the scope of bargaining will largely be determined by your elected bargaining committee and the bargaining process itself. Like all collective agreements the result is subject to a vote by all of you. 

Nominations are now open until 5 pm Friday, June 28, 2019 for a bargaining committee chair and bargaining committee members.

The bargaining committee has three positions, as follows:

One – bargaining committee chair
Two – bargaining committee member

The bargaining committee must have representation from each office (Victoria, Burnaby, Kamloops). This means that the chair will also represent their own office. The BCGEU Constitution requires the chair to be elected by all members. The two bargaining committee members will each be elected by a ballot of the staff of their office. 

Those members who are interested in the bargaining committee chair position and in being a member of the bargaining committee should complete two nomination forms – one form for the bargaining committee chair position and one form for a bargaining committee member position.

Nomination forms for "Chair" and "Member" are attached. Each nominee for each position may submit one page of biographical information, endorsements, or other campaign information (8 ½ x 11 sheet, black and white) for distribution with the ballot. This must be received no later than one business day after close of nominations and will be sent out as submitted.

Nominations must be received by fax to (604) 294-5092 or by scanning/sending the pic to no later than 5:00 pm Friday, June 28, 2019. 

Duties of the Chair:

As the chairperson you will normally be the main liaison between your members, the bargaining committee and the staff negotiator, and be expected to participate fully as a committee member and to take a leadership role within the committee and bargaining unit during and following negotiations.
All Committee members are expected to:

  • Attend caucus meetings and assist the staff representative in the development of proposals for collective bargaining
  • Liaise between members at the worksite and the union regarding priorities
  • Assist in gathering and distributing information from and to members at the worksite
  • Attend collective bargaining sessions with the employer
  • Take notes related to the bargaining process and provide copies of same to the staff representative at the conclusion of bargaining
  • Provide feedback and information to the staff representative during the bargaining process
  • Participate in discussions related to the employer's proposals, and assist in developing counter proposals
  • Assist with ratification or other votes or meetings that may be held related to bargaining

In solidarity,

Ryan Stewart
staff representative - Negotiations

Download PDF of notice here 
Download PDF of nomination for bargaining chair here 
Download PDF of nomination for bargaining nomination form here