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To all BCGEU members at Community Living BC: reorganization ignores commitment to fair decision making

Your bargaining committee was determined to address the workload and service delivery issues in the last round of bargaining. As a result, our union successfully negotiated a radical revision of how decision making would occur at Community Living BC. Memorandum of Agreement #29 (MOA#29) Re: CLBC-BCGEU Collaboration Group (CBCG) in the current collective agreement describes the details.

The foundation of this new collaboration between labour and management is found at Section 5 of MOA#29 “Fair Process Decision Making”.  That section tasks the CBCG, among other things, "to fully understand the issues to be resolved and examine a broad range of options for issue resolution."

We regret to report the CBCG wasn’t provided with any opportunity to participate in decision making on any aspect of the reorganization plan. CLBC appears to believe that sharing information is “Fair Process Decision Making”. We disagree in the strongest possible terms.

The goals of the CBCG are to improve service delivery and make CLBC a better place to work. We know you also take those goals to heart and so, before we act on what CLBC has disclosed so far on reorganization, we want to know your thoughts. We will be surveying a random, representative sample of CLBC members in the coming weeks to get your input.

We’ll report out on those results and move ahead accordingly to advance the CBCG goals of improving service and making CLBC a better place to work.

Your BCGEU delegates to the CLBC-BCGEU Collaboration Group,

Nancy Bell

Bryan Oulton

Lillian Tugwell

Glenda Williams