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Transition of BCGEU members working for ISM Canada to NTT Data Canada (Health Authorities contract)

Your BCGEU Representatives on the Joint Transition Committee (ISM/NTT Data/BCGEU) want to clarify the reason why BCGEU members normally working 100% of their work time for ISM on the provincial government contract assignment will not get offers from NTT Data Canada. For those BCGEU members, the following MOU from the BCGEU-Public Service Main Agreement applies:

"MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING 5 Re: Privatization and Alternative Service Delivery (ASD)

This memorandum of understanding pertains to contracts for ASD initiatives pursuant to Memorandum of Understanding 6 and contracts which have been minuted as a privatization pursuant to Article 36 of the Main Agreement which expire and are re-tendered during the term of the 18th Main Agreement. If retendered the Employer will stipulate that the successful bidder will offer employment to incumbent members of the previous employer's operation to fill available employment opportunities which are not assigned to the bidder's current employees. Such offers shall be made in order of seniority to staff currently performing the work of the available positions.

This memorandum of understanding will remain in effect for the term of the 18th Main Agreement."

This MOU is a result of negotiations between the provincial government (represented by the Public Service Agency: PSA) and the BCGEU when the government was actively privatizing government services by putting out contracts to tender in the private sector. The BCGEU negotiated this MOU to ensure protections for job security and seniority. As you can see, this includes future retendering of contracts. ISM employees working under the government contract will continue to be represented by the BCGEU under their collective agreement. We understand that if and when the province issues a Request for Proposal (RFP) for this work, IBM will be bidding on it. If a vendor other than IBM is successful in winning this RFP, the BCGEU asserts that MOU #5 will apply and ensure continued job security based on seniority for those members performing the work of available positions.

BCGEU members normally working 100% of their work time in the government contract assignment at ISM will not be offered positions at NTT Data because they are not "performing the work of the available positions" in the Health Authority contract.

We hope this information helps to clarify this matter but if you have further questions please reach out to any BCGEU representatives on the Joint Transition Committee.


In solidarity,

Judy Fox-McGuire, BCGEU Component 6 Vice President
Joseph Iven, BCGEU steward
Lori Strom. BCGEU Staff Representative