UBC Child Care Services Program - Membership Meeting and Strike Vote - BCGEU

Your Bargaining Committee has carefully considered our next steps in the bargaining process. Though the parties have reached agreement on a number of issues, as mentioned in our last bulletin, the parties are now at an impasse and cannot move forward in the bargaining process without assistance.

Specifically, the employer will not agree to certain monetary proposals that were your bargaining priorities, without rolling back your sick leave accrual from 21 days per year to 15 days per year. Your sick leave banks are critical to ensuring that you can take sick time when you are unwell and so that you can build your bank to assist you in the event that you have a longer term illness before you are eligible for Long Term Disability.

Additionally, the employer will not consider allowing for the bridging of pension contributions for union members that move to a new centre or program that is not unionized, but later becomes unionized – this means interruption in your contributions and impacts your retirement benefits. Your Bargaining Committee has heard your voices clearly through your survey responses – you don't want to fall further behind.

Your Bargaining Committee believes that the only way to get to a tentative agreement is with the involvement of a Labour Relations Board mediator. The best way to convey to the employer and the mediator that you are serious about your bargaining priorities is to take a strike vote.

Taking a strike vote is a serious matter. We have sought and obtained the support of BCGEU president, Stephanie Smith, who comes from the childcare sector herself. We have obtained approval for "target pay", which means that if we were unable to achieve a mediated resolution and we were compelled to go on strike as a last resort, that you would receive enhanced strike pay.

In order to show that you are united behind your Bargaining Committee, the Committee urges you to vote "yes" for a strike. This would give us a strong mandate to take back to the bargaining table and to the mediator.

Membership Meeting and Strike Vote 

Date: Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Time: 5:45 pm – 6:15 pm (Meeting/Questions and Answers)
Voting from 6:15 pm until 8:00 pm
Location: Gym at 2881 Acadia Road, Vancouver 

A copy of the formal notice of poll is attached.

Please speak with a member of the Bargaining Committee if you have questions or concerns. They will also be present to answer any questions that you have on February 18.

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee:

Lee McArthur - Raven Daycare
Barbara Undurraga - Pioggia Daycare
Angela Chiasson – Sade Daycare
[Cathy Carson - Canada Goose Daycare]
Andrea Davis, Staff Representative – Negotiations

Download PDF of notice here