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Union sends letter to Attorney General, David Eby, reaffirming support for the Sheriffs 40 hour work-week committee and expanding role for Sheriffs - BCGEU

In October 2018, BCGEU Component 1 Vice President, Dean Purdy and Director of Negotiations, Doug Dykens, met with Attorney General, David Eby, to discuss the ongoing work of the Sheriffs 40 work week committee and changes to expand the role of Sheriffs to act in exigent circumstances. In support of the good work being done by the union/management committee a letter was sent to the Attorney General reaffirming our support for the ongoing efforts to resolve the issue of the 40 hour work-week and to examine what will need to be done to expand the role of Sheriffs in the province. Our union is proud of the work being done and encouraged that we will continue to see positive outcomes.

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