UPDATE - FRCC Arbitration - BCGEU

As you are aware, the BCGEU has been involved in two years of arbitration over the dismissal and discipline of a number of your Component 1 colleagues from Fraser Regional Correctional Centre involving allegations of use of excessive force and failing to exercise supervisory responsibilities during a Code Yellow. Yesterday the Arbitrator rendered his bottom-line decision and upheld the dismissal of two officers and overturned the dismissal of three others, who will be returning to work with suspensions and the Union will work out back pay for the intervening period. There are a number of other disciplinary cases arising from this incident that remain outstanding pending the resolution of these initial dismissal grievances. Additionally, the Union has an outstanding damages claim against the Employer with respect to how the investigation was conducted in this matter and how our officers were treated over the course of the investigation, up to and including their original dismissals two years ago.

While we are disappointed that the Arbitrator upheld two of the dismissals, we are pleased that he overturned the Employer's decision with respect to three other members and that your Union was able to save their jobs.   We have advised the affected members of the outcome of the arbitration today and we are considering our next steps with respect to each individual.  After 42 days of hearing, there are many factors to consider before any course of action can be finally determined.

All of the officers involved have appreciated the support of their fellow correctional officers from around the province and we hope you continue with your support while respecting their privacy at this time.

We will update you with further developments as this matter unfolds.

Dean Purdy
BCGEU vice president - Component 1 - Corrections & Sheriff Services

Brandon Cox
First Vice-Chairperson - Component 1 - Corrections & Sheriff Services