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Update on Cullen Commission of Inquiry into Money Laundering in British Columbia - BCGEU

This morning, the Cullen Commission announced its ruling on applications for Participant Standing. I'm very pleased to let you know that, out of 20 applicants, your union is one of 16 granted standing. This means that our members can continue to support the critical work of the Commission as it fulfills its mandate to look at the full scope of money laundering in B.C.

While the BCGEU has supported the current provincial government's efforts to investigate various facets of money laundering, we have always insisted that only a broadly-mandated, properly resourced public inquiry could really get to the bottom of the issue. 

Our submission for standing was centered on ensuring that our members in financial services, direct government and the casino sector-those whose working lives have been directly impacted by money laundering-have a forum to convey their firsthand experiences to the Commission.

The BCGEU has been granted standing to submit testimony on a broad range of topics covered by the Commission's mandate, including gaming and horse racing, real estate, financial institutions and money services, the corporate sector, luxury goods, and professional services. There are no timelines set at this point but we don't expect to be called to submit until early in 2020. In the meantime, your union will start working to ensure our members' lived experience on the frontlines of the money laundering crisis is front and center in the Commission's work.

We would not be here without the many BCGEU members who were among the first to raise the alarm on money laundering in the province, and who ensured our union was among the first voices call for a public inquiry. I want to thank you for your perseverance and solidarity on these important issues and I want to assure you that your voice will continue to be central to our work as we move forward.

You can read the news from the Cullen Commission here. If you have questions about the Commission or your union's participation please email

In solidarity, 

Stephanie Smith