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Urgent information on job action at Harbour Light - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

There will be a 72-hour overtime ban from 15:46 hours (3:46 pm) Thursday, May 12 to 15:46 hours (3:46 pm) Sunday, May 15, 2022.
You must participate in the overtime ban. If you knowingly work overtime during the overtime ban that will be considered to be crossing the picket line. You must refuse to work any overtime during the period that the ban is in place.

This is the first step in job action.
This is not a full-scale strike. You must show up for your scheduled shifts or you could face disciplinary action. 
Questions and Answers:
Q:  I have prescheduled overtime. Will I still work during the ban?
A:  No, you will not work any overtime. This includes overtime that you have already agreed to, or that is prescheduled.
Q:  I have a regular shift schedule during the overtime ban. Will I still work then?
A:  Yes, you must work any shift that is straight time.
Q: My manager says that it is an emergency, and I must work overtime during the ban. How do I know if it is really an emergency?
A: If your manager tells you there is an emergency and you are required to work overtime, please report this and include the reason for the emergency immediately to Take Mori at [email protected] or Jody Vassallo at [email protected].

Q: My manager said if I don’t work overtime, they will just replace me with an agency person. My manager said that I might be disciplined or fired if I don’t work overtime. Is this true?
A: This is NOT true. Once the Union has served notice of job action, you cannot be disciplined for participating. In fact, it is your responsibility as a union member to participate in any job action. BC law does not allow for replacement workers during legal job action. If your manager threatens to replace you with an agency worker, make sure you report this immediately Please advise this to Mori or Jody Vassallo. 
Your Strike Coordinating Committee will be meeting on Saturday to discuss next steps. We will let you know immediately following that meeting what the plan is for continued job action and what it means for you. Please check your email often because things will be moving quickly now and you need to stay up-to-date.

In solidarity,
Strike Coordinating Committee