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Vantage Living Inc. - Vantage Living Bargaining Committee and Next Steps - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

Bargaining Committee Elected
We are pleased to announce that the following members have been declared elected by acclamation to the BCGEU bargaining committee for Vantage Living (with the members’ worksites listed in brackets):

  • Ryley Smith, Bargaining Committee Chair (Lakeside Manor)
  • Luz Dionela, Bargaining Committee Member (Kiwanis Manor)
  • Chrystal Halvorson, Bargaining Committee Member (Lakeside Manor)

Next Steps
In the coming weeks, your bargaining committee and the staff representatives will begin preparing for negotiations with the employer. This will include training in the process and pitfalls of bargaining, reviewing the input you provided via bargaining surveys (and discussing whether to survey you again given the passage of time), and developing bargaining proposals.
Keeping You Informed
Your bargaining committee will keep you informed throughout the pre-bargaining and bargaining periods. You can expect to receive a bulletin from your committee whenever there’s anything to report, and in any event, at least once per month. If you or a co-worker are not receiving these bulletins directly from the BCGEU, it probably means we don’t have a current personal email address on file. If this is you, please connect with a member of your worksite bargaining committee and have them pass your contact information to the BCGEU. Members at Maeford Place who wish to contact a bargaining committee member may reach out to their local BCGEU area office for committee members’ contact information.
In solidarity,
Ryan Stewart
Staff Representative, Negotiations

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