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VIHA Comparability Increases

To:         Health Services and Support Community Subsector Members
             Working for Vancouver Island Health Authority

Re:        Comparability Increases


The Union has been receiving inquiries from members working for VIHA regarding when the comparability increases will be implemented. 

The increases should have been implemented within two pay periods of the Employers being notified of Arbitrator Ready's decision. HEABC communicated this expectation to all Employers in June. 

VIHA's Human Resource department advised us late last week that due to "a number of complications on integrated jobs that needed some attention within our systems, coupled with a high vacancy rate within our records and benefits team" the increases were not going to occur until September 2nd for all CHW2s and, for all other classifications that are eligible for the increases, by October 14th, 2016.  Retroactive payment back to April 1, 2016 for the difference between the old rates of pay and the new rates will also be processed by October 14th.

If you are a CHW2 and did not receive the increase on September 2nd; or work in one of the other eligible classifications and do not receive the increase by October 14th; or do not receive the retroactive payment by October 14th, please contact your Shop Steward for assistance.



Download PDF of notice here