Violence reported at Surrey Pretrial Service Center (SPSC) and North Fraser Pretrial Center (NFPC) - BCGEU

A serious staff assault occurred at the SPSC on January 2, 2018. The Correctional Officer received injuries to his face and hand, from a brutal unprovoked assault by an inmate. The CO was taken to hospital for treatment, which may result in the loss of his finger. The union is continuing to investigate and will provide an update when more information is available.

Another incident occurred on December 29 at NFPC, when an inmate hung himself from the 3rd tier. When the officer was unlocking the rest of the living unit, the inmate ran to his cell, grabbed a sheet, tied it to the top railing, wrapped the sheet around his neck and threw himself between the safety bars. Thanks to the actions of our COs, the inmate was saved. 

These types of incidents are very traumatic and occur alongside other serious violent incidents on a regular basis. The number of Officers suffering from PTSD is climbing, which is why safety is paramount in our business.

New young Correctional Officers are already leaving Corrections at an alarming pace. Corrections has the highest attrition rate of 14 per cent and we can't retain Officers who are paid $59,000 per year, almost the lowest in Canada. This must be addressed immediately. 

The union takes these issues seriously and will bring these incidents to the appropriate Occupational Health and Safety committees, and through the Joint Accident Investigation process. We will report out to members as soon as information becomes available.

Dean Purdy
Corrections and Sheriffs Component 1 Vice President