Wages at Vancity Branch 10 post - unionized - BCGEU

As you know, the Union and the Employer have been discussing wages at Branch 10 since you became BCGEU members. The without prejudice position of the Union from the beginning of the conversation has been that the terms of the Collective Agreement apply to you – specifically, the wage grid as amended in January 2018, and LOI#2 with respect to neutralizing your union dues with a wage increase.
The Employer has disagreed with the Union's position, and has proposed wages that we argue are not in line with the Collective Agreement. For you or your co-workers, this proposal would mean wages that are significantly lower than the Union believes you are entitled to. As we have reached an impasse in our settlement discussions, the Union has filed a grievance so that we can seek an arbitrator to hear our argument and make a decision.
Notwithstanding the filing of the grievance, the Union remains open to discussions with the Employer throughout, with the hopes that we can ensure your wages are addressed as quickly as possible.
If you have any questions about this, speak to your shop stewards. Steward election results will be announced on Tuesday May 22nd.

In solidarity,
Megan McKinney
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here