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Wearing your button for pandemic pay - BCGEU

You and your fellow colleagues have launched a campaign to push the employer and government for clarity: Will they deliver the respect they said you deserve, in the form of pandemic pay?

To show our solidarity for each other and the respect we need to continue working in this pandemic, we are wearing a button every day at work until Blain Lawson, CEO of BCLDB, finds a way to provide us with pandemic pay.

The consequence of not wearing a button now is that our historical challenges with the employer will continue to go unseen and unrectified, all while this pandemic progresses.

For more information, please read the following FAQs or respond to this email: 

Who do I contact for more information about this campaign, or if I have not received my button?

What should I do if a manager or other employer representative speaks to me about the button?

  • If you are comfortable doing so, politely inform them you have a right to wear a union insignia according to Article 2.8 of the Main Agreement.
  • If you are directed to remove the button, remove it and contact your steward, area office representative and Scott Drake right away.
  • If you are disciplined in any way, contact your steward, area office representative or Scott Drake.

What do I tell customers, family and friends, and the public about our campaign?

  • Inform them that you and your coworkers are asking Blain Lawson, CEO of BCLDB, for his support in talking to government about getting compensation similar to the provincial temporary pandemic pay program. 
  • Focus on personal reasons without criticizing the employer. For example, you could say "We risk our health and safety every day as essential service workers, and we deserve pandemic pay as compensation for this."

What should I do if the media asks me questions about our campaign?

In solidarity,

Kusam Doal
Vice President, Component 5 (Retail Stores and Warehouses

Download PDF of notice here.