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Well-Being Services (NSV) Ltd. (Nanaimo Seniors Village) - Bargaining Update #12 - Negotiations Continue - BCGEU

The parties last held a bargaining session in January. The employer tabled a settlement proposal that failed to address some of the critical things you've said you need to see in a fair deal. Your bargaining committee responded with another comprehensive settlement proposal of its own, and told the employer it would expect a serious response when the parties next meet.

Both parties recognize that negotiations are taking place during an unprecedented time and with unprecedented circumstances. The provincial health emergency along with the resulting single site order and wage levelling have a deep impact on our ability to bargain as we would normally. Despite these challenging circumstances, your bargaining committee remains committed to reaching a fair deal as soon as possible.

Your bargaining committee has told the employer that it expects to receive a serious response to its settlement proposal when negotiations resume on March 4, 2021. An additional day of bargaining is also scheduled for March 8, 2021.

In the meantime, your bargaining committee is actively considering all available options to pressure the employer to agree to a fair deal. We have told the employer that your frustration at the lack of progress in negotiations has reached a boiling point. We hope the employer takes this message seriously.

You can expect another update sometime next week. 

In solidarity,

Karen Dalton, Bargaining Committee Chair
Edith Eggimann, Bargaining Committee Member
Randi Halliday, Bargaining Committee Member
Ryan Stewart, Staff Representative, Negotiations

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