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What Vancity staff need to know about their pension and retirement matters - BCGEU

Your union is putting out a series of short emails about pensions. We want to deliver you information about your retirement options as a Vancity staff member.

We have a preference when it comes to retirement income. We want BCGEU members like you to enjoy the best retirement possible after a lifetime of hard work. You deserve it. For most retirees, a pension offers the most retirement security. More than an RRSP. A pension means money for the rest of your life - a predictable and reliable source of income after you stop working. An RRSP lasts until the money you've saved runs out.

Ultimately, the decision on whether to opt for a pension or RRSP is up to every new employee.

We recently learned Vancity is automatically enrolling employees in the RRSP if they haven't made a selection by the opt-in deadline. We don't support this practice and we've communicated our concern to Vancity management.

We've produced a video especially for Vancity employees outlining the difference between the pension and RRSP options. It's worth viewing if you've not selected your option. If you have,  we'd love for you to share it with new employees.

PS: The more Vancity workers you have in your union the more power you have going into upcoming bargaining. If you know of anyone at a non-union Vancity branch who'd like to join your union, get them in touch with a BCGEU organizer at 604-880-4053 or or direct them to for more information.