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Work Opportunities, MOU's and Nominations for Bargaining Committee - LifeLabs - BCGEU

Work Opportunities and Memoranda of Understanding

Your BCGEU representatives on the Joint Labour Management Committee have been working with the Employer to address the many problems that have arisen as a result of Covid-19. We have agreed to a number of interim measures in order to alleviate staffing shortages, poor scheduling and workload issues.

There is no shortage of work and the Employer is offering some temporary enhancements, such as an increase in shift premium and overtime opportunities. They hope to encourage staff to work additional hours.

We have agreed to a six-month trial variance on the current posting/hiring process. Positions will be offered, by order of seniority, within Supervisory Teams. There are currently over 70 positions to fill and this expedited process should provide some immediate relief by getting members placed in those vacancies.

All of these initiatives are temporary agreements and will be up for discussion and negotiation when we hit the bargaining table as early as December 15th.

Nominations for Bargaining Committee

Reminder: Nominations for five positions on the Bargaining Committee will close at 5:00 pm on Friday, October 9th.

One representative will be elected from each of the following areas:

  • Area 1 - Victoria 
  • Area 2 - North Island
  • Area 3 - Lower Mainland
  • Area 4 - Fraser Valley
  • Area 5 & 9 & 11 - Kamloops, West Kootenay, Prince George

In order to be nominated, a member and nominator must complete and forward the attached nomination form to:

Each candidate may submit one page of biographical information, endorsements, or other campaign information (8½ x 11 sheet, black and white, colour bios will be adjusted to black and white) for distribution with the ballot and publication on the BCGEU website. A candidate's bio may not contain false or misleading information. This must be received by the following business day after close of nominations and will be sent out as submitted.

Download PDF documents: 
· Bulletin
· Nomination form 

Thank you for your participation in this important process. Details of the election procedure will be distributed after the nomination period closes.

In solidarity,

Linsay Buss
Staff Representative - Negotiations 

Download PDF of notice here.
Download PDF of nomination form here.