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Workplace first aid requirements

First aid is an important element of workplace health and safety. This includes having the correct equipment, procedures and trained people in place to respond in the event of a workplace injury.

Here are the basic first aid requirements under the Workers Compensation Act:

 (1) The employer must provide for each workplace such equipment, supplies, facilities, first aid attendants and services as are adequate and appropriate for

      (a) promptly rendering first aid to workers if they suffer an injury at work, and

      (b) transporting injured workers to medical treatment

2) For the purpose of complying with subsection (1), the employer must conduct an assessment of the circumstances of the workplace, including

      (a) the number of workers who may require first aid at any time,

      (b) the nature and extent of the risks and hazards in the workplace, including whether or not the workplace as a whole creates a low, moderate or high risk of injury,

      (c) the types of injuries likely to occur,

      (d) any barriers to first aid being provided to an injured worker, and

      (e) the time that may be required to obtain transportation and to transport an injured worker to medical treatment.

(3) The employer must review the assessment under subsection (2)

      (a) within 12 months after the previous assessment or review, and

      (b) whenever a significant change affecting the assessment occurs in the employer's operations.

(4) First aid equipment, supplies and facilities must be kept clean, dry and ready for use, and be readily accessible at any time a worker works in the workplace.

In addition, employers must document all injuries and exposures to contaminants that are reported or treated. These first aid records must be kept for at least 3 years.

Click here for a table and chart identifying the first aid program you need at your worksite (scroll down to section Schedule 3-A Minimum levels of First Aid).

If you would like any information on first aid requirements or any other occupational health and safety topics please contact the BCGEU OHS department at: [email protected]