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Workplaces re-opening – get vaccinated - BCGEU

Step 4 of B.C.'s Restart plan could start as early as September 7 – though this date could vary by region. Step 4 includes a return to fully re-opened offices and workplaces. Whether your worksite is returning to full capacity or you're returning to in-person work after working from home, our union can help address any health and safety concerns that may arise. 
And remember: the best way to ensure your safety on the job is to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

    Get vaccinated: B.C.'s most recent COVID-19 surge has been fueled by those who are
    unvaccinated or have only had one dose. This reminds us that getting
    vaccinated is the most important tool we have in stopping transmission and
    bringing the pandemic to an end. 

    The BCGEU encourages all members who have not yet been vaccinated to do so
    according to the guidance of their doctor. Every vaccine administered in Canada
    is safe and effective, as evaluated by Health Canada, and with shorter line-ups
    it's even easier to get vaccinated. Go here to register, book an appointment and
    get your vaccine:

    You can also find vaccine drop-in locations and hours in your community here:

    Safe workplaces:
    Employers have the responsibility to maintain a safe workplace and to ensure
    workers' privacy rights are respected. This includes having a communicable
    disease plan in place that enforces appropriate handwashing and personal
    hygiene practices, appropriate ventilation, and allowing staff to stay home when

    Also remember that your right to refuse unsafe work is a legislative right and
    responsibility of all workers in B.C. and that is no different during the COVID-19
    pandemic. Read more about your right here.

    Our union has consistently advocated for the appropriate usage of masks and
    we urge you to continue wearing a mask indoors as an added layer of protection
    for everyone.

    If you have an urgent issue related to COVID-19 or a workplace health and
    safety issue, please inform your supervisor first. If necessary, contact your
    Occupational Health and Safety Committee representative, steward or local

Step 4 of the Restart plan must be done in a way that prioritizes the safety of B.C.'s workers. And by working together to keep each other safe – by getting vaccinated and following appropriate safety protocols – we can all play an important role in ensuring its success.

In solidarity, 
Paul Finch, BCGEU Treasurer

Read more about the re-start plan here: