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WorkSafeBC long-term care engagement – COVID-19 update: Component 4 - BCGEU

WorkSafeBC to conduct COVID-19 engagement starting in long-term
care workplaces

The BCGEU is pleased to report that WorkSafeBC has begun to respond to the concerns expressed by ourselves and other health care unions and bargaining associations since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

WorkSafeBC Prevention Officers will be conducting a COVID-19 engagement in the health care sector. WorkSafeBC has recognized that the COVID-19 pandemic has put incredible strain on health care employers and workers, and that long-term care workplaces are particularly affected.

WorkSafeBC will check-in with employers and workers to verify that exposure control plans (ECPs) are operational and that worker health and safety is being protected. ECPs must consider both patient care and non-patient care areas and workers. These plans must be communicated to and fully understood by workers, and that they continue to adapt as conditions evolve.

Employers must also consult with Joint Health and Safety Committees and worker representatives like stewards on issues that impact worker safety. In addition, WorkSafeBC Officers will provide education and consultation support where questions or concerns are present related to workplace safety.

This engagement will begin with non-health authority owned and operated long-term care workplaces around the province and will be conducted by teleconference or online meetings. Officers will contact employer representatives and arrange virtual meetings with employers and Joint Health and Safety Committee representatives.
WorkSafeBC also has a COVID-19 information and resources web page, as well as the following newly posted guide for employers: Preventing exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace.