Worksite Stewards at RainCity Housing and Support Society - BCGEU

Nominations for steward elections have now closed. This notice is to advise all BCGEU members at RainCity Housing and Support Society that the following people were acclaimed as stewards for your worksite:

  • Kim Luscombe
  • Courtney Kelly
  • Lilavati Levine
  • Coral Watson
  • Eden Greene
  • David Graham
  • Chelsea Leslie 
  • Shannon Nickel
  • Melina Hunter
  • Randy Whitman
  • Nicholas Hanzl
  • Kevin Ramsay
  • Wren Crandall

Thank you and congratulations to all the stewards!!!

If you have any questions regarding workplace issues or your collective agreement, please feel free to contact the above noted stewards.

If you require contact information for your steward, call the BCGEU at 604-215-1499.

In solidarity


Megan McKinney

Staff Representative


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