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Xyolhemeylh - Service to Stó:lō - BCGEU

A Union/ Employer joint bulletin released recently has created some concern. Your union has agreed to the process described in the bulletin as being within the Employer's rights under the collective agreement and relevant legislation.

The meeting is focused on Stó:lō staff of the Employer as the Employer has a mandate to provide services to Stó:lō communities and wherever possible use Stó:lō persons to provide those services. Although your Union is not the final arbiter of Human Rights issues, we believe that the Employer has a right to do so under Human Rights law.

Section 41 of the Human Rights Code (BC) reads:

41 (1) If a charitable, philanthropic, educational, fraternal, religious or social organization or corporation that is not operated for profit has as a primary purpose the promotion of the interests and welfare of an identifiable group or class of persons characterized by a physical or mental disability or by a common race, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, political belief, colour, ancestry or place of origin, that organization or corporation must not be considered to be contravening this Code because it is granting a preference to members of the identifiable group or class of persons.

Stó:lō is an identifiable group of persons characterized by a common ancestry or place of origin and so meets this test.

Because Stó:lō staff will be given preference to expressing an interest in Stó:lō community positions, their attendance at the meeting is appropriate. There will be a conference call at 7pm on June 4 to answer these and other questions about the provision of services to Stó:lō communities. Dial in number is 1-866-562-0090 Access Code 440138#


In solidarity,

Brent Camilleri
Staff Representative – Negotiations

Download PDF of notice here