Your Local 1203 Executive for 2015-2018

I am pleased to announce the results of the Local 1203 Executive By-Election. Yasmine Parker, Janine Balogh and Amanda Chung were acclaimed as Member-At-Large officers. Congratulations!

As such, your Local 1203 Executive is as follows:

  • Chairperson - Matt Damario
  • 1st Vice Chairperson - Debra Yearley
  • 2nd Vice Chairperson - Jason Singh
  • Treasurer  - Drina Read
  • Recording Secretary - Laurie Irvine
  • Members-at-Large: 
    • Danny Loubert
    • Sandra Havard
    • Lena Ngai
    • Satinder Dhani
    • Yasmine Parker
    • Janine Balogh
    • Amanda Chung
  • Member-at-Large – Young Worker - Krystiana Rai

Congratulations to the new and returning Executive members and thank you to all of the candidates for participating in the electoral process.

In solidarity

Sarah Fawns
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.