Your Local 501 Executive - BCGEU

As some vacancies have been filled on your Local 501 Executive, below is a complete list of your current executive:

Chairperson:  Matthew Robinson
1st Vice Chairperson:  Shannon Dudley
2nd Vice Chairperson:  Rob Jones
Treasurer:  Robert Clarke
Recorder:  Lionel Sword
Member at Large:  Gino Klein
Member at Large:  Sharon Neeves
Member at Large:  Yvonne Dean   
Member at Large:  Glenn McLay
Member at Large (Young Worker):  Rostislav Artiushenkov

Please join us in welcoming everyone new to the executive! Thank you to the outgoing executive members for their commitment and hard work during their term.

In solidarity

Kim Shelley, BCGEU Staff Representative
Matt Robinson, Local 501 Chairperson

Download PDF of notice here.