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Component 5 members’ rights to sick pay & COVID-19 related absences - BCGEU

This bulletin is to remind Component 5 members of your rights to sick pay if you have a COVID-19 related absence. Please print and post in your workplace for your fellow Component 5 members.
The Public Service Agency has issued a FAQ document to direct all public service employers how to respond to sick or self-isolating employees during this pandemic. Please read the attached document here and note the following highlights:

  1. For all employees entering self-isolation following return from travel or who have been medically recommended to self-isolate for 14 days due to possible COVID-19 exposure: 
  • If the employer is satisfied that your work can be done effectively from home, they are to authorize you to work from home
  • If the employer is not satisfied that your work can be done effectively from home, they are to put you on STIIP (Short Term Illness and Injury Plan) for the duration of the self-isolation
  1. For auxiliary employees: You are eligible for weekly indemnity benefits up to a maximum of 15 weeks if you:
  • Are sick with a fever and respiratory symptoms (e.g. cough, runny nose), have no travel history or history of exposure to someone who was ill and travelled, and are not able to work from home
  • Have been medically advised to stay home due to being sick with a communicable disease (COVID-19)
  • Have been given a medical recommendation to self-isolate for 14 days as a precautionary measure because of close contact to a person sick with COVID-19 (spouse or child)
  • Want to self-isolate due to an existing health condition, and has medical documentation

    This is the case for auxiliary employees during this pandemic even if they have not accumulated 400 hours of auxiliary seniority or have lost your auxiliary seniority. In addition, you will not have the one week waiting period. This means you are eligible for weekly indemnity benefits immediately and will receive the benefit as quickly as possible. 

In short, you will be paid (and do not require vacation leave) if you are sick or in self-isolation due to travel or exposure to COVID-19 and are unable to work effectively from home. It is very important at this time that employees who feel unwell stay home and discuss their situation with their supervisor to activate appropriate sick leave.
I encourage you to contact me with any concerns and to visit for updates.
In solidarity,
Kusam Doal
Vice President, Retail Stores and Warehouse Component (Component 5)

Download PDF of COVID-19 public service FAQS