Youth Corrections Temporary Market Adjustment (TMA) update - BCGEU

The BCGEU's 3.1 committee met on December 12 to discuss the government's response to our demand for a Temporary Market Adjustment (TMA) for youth correctional officers. The Employer has reviewed the attrition numbers submitted by the union and they do not agree with all the categories of "exiting employees" used in our calculations. 


For example: The employer does not include auxiliary exits, or any retirement exits or transfers to other government jobs. While the 3.1 committee does not agree with the employer's approach, this is in keeping with the way many other TMA's are calculated. Your committee is very concerned that the failure to include auxiliary exits skews the numbers. 


Regardless of which numbers are used, the government and the ministry have no appetite to agree to a TMA for youth corrections. There are no further avenues, either legal or through the collective agreement, to force the employer to agree to a TMA at this time.


The union will continue to pursue other avenues to try and improve working conditions for youth corrections employees, like monthly uniform maintenance allowance, frisking gloves, northern winter parkas and the exploration of a part time regular agreement (PTR).


We are disappointed in the result and will continue to check the data as we move into the new collective agreement. We will update you going forward of any change in the current situation.


In solidarity,


BCGEU Youth Corrections 3.1 committee